It all has to do with respect too. Put simply, why should I care about Earth. To just cast away the not wants in someones life as you drive in your own direction in your life. What gives anyone the right to pollute the World. Take a walk in nature, a trail that leads to respect for the Environs that surround you. Clean Earth everyday for those to follow. Mt Tammany Trail to point of Indian Head . Delaware Water Gap New Jersey. George Draney

Thunder Mountains Delaware Water Gap New Jersey very early in the day it was.
In late winter I saw his tracks, I photographed the tracks on the trail and went home.
On the Internet is did some research of what these tracks were. Bobcat, New Jersey
Endangered species about 100 at the time 20 miles territory very early morning hunter. I went to Thunder before dusk for about three weeks. Then about 7 am one early morning as I sat by the bushes walking fast he was their. Whistle loud and he turned 30 yardso away. 3 photos and he was gone. I contacted the papers but I didn’t like the way they treated the encounter. Many papers of New Jersey. Let em be, I said