Eco into the Environment. Earth Day Everyday
TIRE into the stream of life.
Chemicals and Metals
Leading to groundwater contamination by dissolving the chemicals in the waste
And transporting these chemicals to other locations.
Death can come about fish,marine life,plant life and animals that have poisoned
By these chemicals water of our lives.
Step up to MAN lose of Oxygen in waters euthrofication
underground waters not drinkable.
To Recycle is to save Earth
To care no laws Needed
Just one TIRE

Author: earthwatchweb

At an early age of 25, i set my focus to the reasons of my love for my Country The people's of the World and the value of life if we would all live in Peace. find the secrets that we all can share. i found the land, the bees and the birds, mammals of many, places they hide,in case their endangered. Wood forests mouNain sand waves canyon and cities town and other things abound. WE HAVE MUCH TO LEARN ON TOP OF THE CHAIN, THAT IF THEY ALL END WE WILL DO THE SAME EARTH IS HOME